What In The Word Podcast

An etymology podcast exploring the quirky origins & history of the words we know today.

Created and presented by:
Portia Nagano & Carolyn Lieberman

Latest Episode

Episode 19 – School Subjects

Hello, friends! This week we are talking about Algebra and AAVE (or Ebonics). Did you have a favorite school subject? Drop us a comment and let us know.

WITW Short 18 – Bros On Ice

This week we’re covering the history of Zambonis, ice skating, and winter sports AND we explore some of the top bromances through time. 

Episode 18 – Molten Muppets

This is an etymology podcast, and this week we’re learning all about the origins of volcanoes and marionette puppets aka muppets!

WITW Short 17 – Riot In The Boonies

Another short, dear listeners. Today we are talking all about simps – is it an insult or a compliment? Please weigh in. We’ll also be chatting about the origins of Botox and play a little guessing game around the topic. It’s wild out there for the Asian community right now. Stay safe out there, friends.


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Carolyn & Portia are the hosts of the podcast and happen to be best friends in real life. They love doing research for the podcast and learning in general every day. Feel free to shoot them an email with any fun facts, restaurant recommendations, or just a kind hello!


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