Portia Nagano & Carolyn Lieberman found each other just before heading off to college and have maintained a long-distance friendship ever since. To distract themselves from the Coronavirus pandemic and unrelenting lockdown they created the ‘What In The Word’ podcast.

Portia Nagano

Creator & Presenter

Portia works in advertising and marketing. As a staunch introvert, launching herself (and her voice) on a public platform is a terrifying experiment in growth. If she’s not lifting or buried in a book, she’s eating copious amounts of popcorn. A bag is a whole meal, y’all.

Find her on Instagram @portianagano for photos from afternoon walks and an occasional IG story of almond croissants.

Carolyn Lieberman

Creator & Presenter

Carolyn is a designer by trade and makes an effort to explore the beautiful world around her while meeting incredible people along the way. She currently resides in London, UK although her Southern Californian accent gives her roots away. When she’s not designing buildings or websites or making art you can usually find her eating plenty of carbs and drinking wine.

You can find her ramblings on design, food, and entertainment at her lifestyle blog Grump Goat Co or on Instagram @carolventures.

Samuel the Dog


This photo of a snow-day pupper was auto-generated by the mastermind of our WordPress layout. But it’s hopeful and sweet and serves as an effervescent reminder that today is a good day. Tomorrow might be better. Be intentional, spend time with your pets, and eat that extra scone. You deserve it, boo.

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