Special Guest: Carrie Hardin of You Talk Funny

Last month we had the pleasure of speaking with the delightful, funny, and wicked smaht human behind the You Talk Funny Podcast, Carrie Hardin. Carrie is a voice actor, dialect coach, podcaster, professor, and so much more. Not only did she teach us about the in’s and out’s of dialect coaching, but she gave usContinue reading “Special Guest: Carrie Hardin of You Talk Funny”

The Anniversary Episode

Listeners, friends, family, every single house pet… We’ve made it to one year! Thank you for supporting us along the way. We’ve learned a lot and hope you have too. In this episode, we discuss what worked (and what really didn’t), our hopes and dreams for the future, and why we love our show. YouContinue reading “The Anniversary Episode”

Special Guests: LMAYAQ Podcast

This week’s episode is super special. We have our pals Anthony De Angelis and Greg Baldwin (aka THE Gregaman) from LMAYAQ on the show. We talk about some of our favorite and least favorite words and introduce our new guest segment: Love It Or Loathe It. Be sure to follow them @lmayaqpod on all social media and tune intoContinue reading “Special Guests: LMAYAQ Podcast”