WITW Short 13 – All Aboot Storms & Disease

Portia said December 1st, but she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Lockdown, am I right? This week we learn all aboot how tropical storms and diseases are named. We also discuss the origins of “aboot” and receive a quick reminder that AIRBUD IS A GOLDEN RETRIEVER AND WE WILL NEVER MAKE THAT ERROR AGAIN. Phew. Anyway, stay healthy, stay informed, let’s get this bread (and vaccine).

WITW Short 12 – EGOT These Sweet Kicks

This week we gush over Lin Manuel Miranda and that’s all you need to know. But really, tune in if you want to hear Portia’s monotone voice and the story behind Adidas. Carolyn will also break down the EGOT acronym and teach you about some spin off’s of the title. We are also on aContinue reading “WITW Short 12 – EGOT These Sweet Kicks”